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Kimono Items for Cold Weather

Considering the extraordinary cold weather in this season, you might think it will be too cold to go out in Kimono (着物) without a jacket. This time, I would like to introduce you some Kimono items for the cold weather.

In fact, we have a Kimono jacket called Haori (羽織), however, shawls and stoles can do if it’s for a casual occasion. Or even a knitwear can be pretty if it is wide enough to wrap your shoulders.

As for Haori, there are certain trends. My mother loved her short Haori, but people nowadays prefer long ones which is exactly like the ones before the world war 2nd. It seems like everybody likes retrospective fashion.

On the other hand, Western capes and ponchos are also very useful for Kimono style. Wrapped in these items, you will feel warm and comfortable with your both hands free.

As a manner, the shawl or the stole has to be taken off before you enter the room when visiting people, whereas Haori can be worn and it does not break the rules of courtesy.

Weather forecast says it’s going to be colder than average. Please try those items and enjoy your Kyoto walk. Be Warm!

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