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Kimono Photoshoot @ Higashiyama

Rating : ★★★★★
My sister and I were doing a sister trip to Japan and we wanted to get some pictures taken with Kimo no. Upon searching online Yumekata came up in our top list and decided to give it a try. We’re so gl ad that we did! The location is very easy to find as they are super close to Gojo Station. They are also super organized at the shop and very helpful in helping us choose the Kimono we wanted to wear. They had a lot of choices so it could be overwhelming but overall it was a great experience! We opt ed to do the make up and hair as well since we’re not very good at doing this ourselves 😉 If you kn ow how to put on make up yourself you can skip it but the hair do I think is a must because it definitely makes a difference in the pictures if you get your hair done 🙂

Having a photographer definitely makes the whole package much more expensive but we sure are glad that we decided to do it! Without it we wouldn’t be able to get great pictures together with great backgrounds. Their photographers also have special license to go to some places where people weren’t allowed to take pictures so this is definitely a plus! We chose the Higashiyama photo location for this.

Mr Daiki Shikama was our photographer, not only he was super friendly and funny, he also helped us ” pose” so we could get better pictures. He has attention to details so he’d fix your kimono when need ed and body/hand posture to make sure you get the best result. His whole personality is just awesome and he makes you feel relax around him. He speaks English quite well but if you need a translator you can definitely ask for one and Yumekata will provide you with it 🙂 We couldn’t ask for a better person! Thank you so much Mr Shikama, you definitely make the whole experience much more enjoyable, my sister and I had a great time and we really appreciate it!! 🙂

Nicknam : Meidy
Your photographer : 鹿間大貴 DAIKI SHIKAMA[Photos]
Came to the shop on : 1/30