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Kimono Trends in Color and Pattern

Just like Western clothes, there are trends in colors and patterns for Kimono. Some experts say that the trend doesn’t change in a short term but in somewhat a 20-year circle.

When I was a child, motifs of big butterflies were very popular. My mother was not happy with it because she thought I was too short for the big patterns.

Other than butterflies, Tsujigahana (辻が花) patterns were also popular. I believe many of my readers have heard of the term. The pattern is created by the tie-dye technique, and it attracted fervent attention not only from Kimono fans but also from the general public.

In spite of all those trends, the classical patterns are always loved by Japanese people. Those patterns are authentic, graceful, and still very fresh to our eyes. In a way, classical patterns are imperishable. For instance, there are certain colors which imply some antique-impression. Those colors are the feature of vintage Kimono and sometimes I find those vintage ones more attractive than the modern ones.

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(Picture: Classic Furisode (振袖) with Swatow (汕頭) embroidery