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Kofuku Jizo at Suzumushidera Temple

Kegon-ji (華厳寺) temple, also known as Suzumushidera (鈴虫寺, Cricket Temple), is very popular in Japan for the beautiful chirps of crickets on the premises. Visitors can join the Suzumushi Seppou (鈴虫説法, preaching ceremony while listening to crickets) in this season where light refreshments are served. Since there are certain rules for making wishes to this Jizo, the procedures are introduced in this preaching ceremony.

The temple is also famous for Kofuku-Jizo (幸福地蔵, a statue of bodhisattva of happiness), which is the only Jizo in Japan who wears a pair of Waraji (わらじ, straw sandals). The other day, I visited the temple and made my own prayer to the Jizo too.

Akane Kibune,
Kyoto Expert Certificate 1st Grade



3 mins. on foot from Kokedera-Suzumushidera, Kyoto bus

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