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Kokusai Kazoku Festival at Byodo-ji Temple

Byodo-ji (平等寺), otherwise called Inaba-san (因幡さん), is an old temple in Kyoto. The temple is very popular for its benefit of healing illness, especially termninating cancers.

The Yakushi-Nyorai (薬師如来, the Buddha of Healing), the deity here, is listed as three top powerful Nyorai in Japan, along with Amida-nyorai (阿弥陀如来) at Zenko-ji (善光寺) temple in Nagano (長野) prefecture, and Saga-Shakado (嵯峨釈迦堂) aka Seiryo-ji (清凉寺) temple in Kyoto. The Nyorai has been watching over people in Kyoto for a long long time.

At this temple, Kokusai kazoku (International Family) festival is to be held on July 21. Please try YUMEYAKATA’s Yukaka (浴衣) to receive privileges. Please enjoy hands-on experience of making cotton candy, shaved ice, Chinese ink drawing, and Yuzen-zome (友禅染, Yuzen method of dyed textile).

When: July 21
What time: 10am-4pm 
Where: Byodo-ji temple
How much: admission free

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