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Koromogae, a Seasonal Change of Clothing

In Japan, the country of four seasons, we do Koromogae (衣替え, change clothing by each season). Traditionally, June 1 and October 1 are the dates of Koromogae, however, due to the recent global warming, it has become difficult to find the appropriate timing.

Conventionally, October is the month to wear Awase (袷, lined Kimono which can be worn for the longest period in a year). However, for the above reason, some people wear Hitoe (単衣, unlined Kimono for early summer) in October. According to the Nijushi-sekki (二十四節気, 24 divisions of the solar year originated in China), October is otherwise called Soukou (霜降, frost descent), but it sounds like an old story. Today, October is still often hot.

In Kimono fashion, wearing the symbols of the upcoming season is regarded as very elegant. People enjoy the patterns of Momoji (Japanese maple leaves), the moon, and autumn plants, on Kimono, obi, bags and accessories.

Indeed, Koromogae is tiresome, but it’s not just a work of switching. It is actually a very good opportunity to check your precious Kimono for any damages and stains. Let’s enjoy the transition of the seasons.

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