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Light Festival at Tadasu no Mori at the World Heritage Site of Shimogamo Shrine

The World Heritage site of Kamomioya-Jinja Shrine(賀茂御祖神社)is popularly known as Shimogamo Shrine (下鴨神社). It is one of the oldest shrines in Kyoto, and has been considered as a guardian of town ever since the relocation of the capital to Heian-kyo (平安京遷都). Around the entrance path of the shrine, there spread a primeval forest called Tadasu no Mori (糺の森) whose area is equivalent to three times of Tokyo Dome. The forest is filled with fresh cool air with a lot of negative ions. It is the holy wood that many Kyoto residents are proud of.

At the Shimogamo shrine, the illumination event called “Light Festival at Tadasu no Mori” was conducted by the Digital art group “Team Labo”, under the theme of “Resisting and Resonating Ovoids and Forest” and “Floating, Resonating Spheres”. The art was truly fantastic.

Watching the art deep in the forest, I had a sensation that I was also a part of the history of this earth. That has become a unforgettable experience of my summer this year.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade



Shimogamo JInja Mae, Kyoto city bus

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