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Lotus Flower Room, at Unryuin Temple

Sennyu-ji (泉涌寺) temple, located in the Higashiyama (東山) district, is otherwise called as “Mitera (御寺, Royal temple)”, because of the deep connection with the Royal family of Japan. Unryuin (雲龍院) is a sub-temple within Sennyu-ji which promises its visitors with a calm and relaxing time.

At this sub-temple, each window is designed in order to gain a unique view. Especially at Renge no ma (蓮華の間, lotus flower room), there are Shoji (障子, screen made of thin wooden frame and Japanese craft paper) screens with four Shikishi (色紙, large square poetry card) shaped windows. Each window commands a view of Tsubaki (椿, Camellia), Tourou (灯篭, stone garden lantern), Kaede (楓, maple tree), and Matsu (松, pine tree) respectively as shown in the picture below.

The views are the expression of hospitality, in order to please visitors. I can imagine how visitors in the ancient time enjoyed the beautiful scenery from this room. Please visit the temple and face this garden through the four windows. It can surly soothe your mind.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Certificate 1st Grade

15 mins. on foot from Sennyu-ji-michi, Kyoto City bus

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