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Lotus Flowers at Dairen-ji Temple

Dairen-ji (大蓮寺) at Sakyo-ward is a long established temple of Jodo sect of Buddhism (浄土宗), which is known for the divine favor of easy delivery. The kanji characters of Dairen-ji mean a “temple of big lotus flowers”, and as it suggests, a countless number of beautiful flowers are blooming in this season.

As the lotus flowers emerge from the mud to bloom, the flower is regarded to represent the teaching of Buddhism. The view of the flowers slowly open its petals in the ray of the rising sun is like a piece of picture of heaven. It’s just like a re-projection of Gokurakujodo (極楽浄土, the heaven, the land of happiness after death).

It’s worth to visit the temple in this season to see the Gokurakujodo before your very eyes.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

3 mins. on foot from Higashiyama-Niohmon, Kyoto city bus



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