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Matcha Tea Experience at Jinmatsu-an

Very close to Yumeyakata (literally 30sec walk!), you can find Jinmatsu-an, where you can get:

– matcha tea Otemae experience (stirring the tea, tea and sweet tasting), around 15min – 1,000yen

– full matcha tea and sweets making experience (with tasting), around 40min – 2,500yen → Limited offer: if you take the leaflet with Yumeyakata’s stamp, the full experience costs 1,800yen instead 2,500yen!

Address: Jinmatsu-an, BLK Karasuma 2F, 135 Manjuji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, 600-8104

Opening hours: 9am to 9pm (reservation possible from 1 person)

We went to try the full matcha tea and sweets making experience at Jinmatsu-an.

This full experience included 3 main steps: grinding the matcha tea leaves, making the sweets, and preparing the tea before the tasting.

Step 1: Grinding the tea leaves

After putting the leaves on the top of the grinder, you slowly make it turn.

The grinder looks small, but it actually requires some strength to make it turn!

As you grind the leaves, the nice smell of matcha slowly comes out 🙂

When you get enough matcha powder, the instructor gathers it and put it away for you.

Step 2: Making the sweets

You mix sugar and water, and knead 🙂

You then filter the mix through a sieve.

And then, you choose the mold shape for the sweets!

There are quite a few shapes to choose from, all very cute! (*^^*)

Then, you guessed it: you put the sugar/water mix into the mold you’ve chosen, you remove the excess, you turn the mold over and…

Tadaa! Some cute, nicely shaped Japanese sweets 🙂

Step 3: Preparing the tea and tasting

You get to do the Otemae (preparing the tea) with the matcha powder you made right before!

The instructor guides you during the whole process.

You put a bit of powder into the chawan (tea bowl), some hot water, and mix mix mix… 😉

A certain speed is required to prepare matcha tea, so it can be a bit tiring for the hand and the wrist (+_+)

But the result is worth it: a nicely blend matcha tea with some bubbles, the sign that it is well done!

To balance the bitterness of the matcha, you get to eat the sweets before drinking the tea.

Never forget to have fun 😉

Then the instructor tells you how to hold the chawan to finally drink the tea.

It was super fun to have the full experience! We even got to taste sweets that were made the day before, and the difference is very clear: the ones you make yourself on the spot are the best! 😛

If you want a traditional yet casual and friendly atmosphere where you can learn more about matcha and sweet making, Jinmatsu-an is definitely the place to go 🙂

To Jinmatsu-an and their staff: thanks a lot for the experience!

Don’t forget to come by the Information Center on the 1st of Yumeyakata to get the stamped leaflet, and thus benefit from the lower price: 1,800yen for the full experience (matcha making + sweets making + preparation and tasting) instead of 2,500yen!

We recommend you go there right after getting dressed in kimono in our shop ^_^

Address: Jinmatsu-an, BLK Karasuma 2F, 135 Manjuji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, 600-8104

Opening hours: 9am to 9pm (reservation possible from 1 person)