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Merry Christmas in KIMONO

Footwear for Kimono (着物) is Zori (草履, Japanese sandals), and it’s a common practice. However, the rules are somewhat changing.

Lately, girls in Kimono, wearing a pair of boots, or Geta (下駄, Japanese wooden clogs), and colorful patterned Tabi (足袋, Kimono socks), are often seen in town, and they are very proud.

In the old pictures of my mother and grandmother in Kimono, I can see they enjoyed their daily Kimono fashion in a very open-minded manner too. A pair of white Tabi is indispensable for formal occasions of course, but patterned ones will give you more variety of joy for daily use. It is fun to choose pretty Tabi socks according to your mood everyday.

Currently, YUMEYAKATA offers a special edition of velvet Tabi. Wouldn’t you feel like to try?

The other day, I came across a very pretty Kimono display in a store window (shown at the picture below). The Kimono was in navy, and the Obi (帯, belt) and the bag was in a matching pattern. A golden Obiage (帯揚げ, sash) was tied along with the Obi, and a red beret on top. On the chest, a red broach was swinging, and the collar was a layer of three different colors in red, green and gold.

I stood still there for a while. That was…oh, so pretty! I wish I could copy this style and go to a Christmas party to catch every girl’s envious eyes!

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