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Midorogaike, a Mysterious Pond and Ancient Flowers

Since long time ago, Midorogaike (深泥池) located in the northern Kyoto has been subject to paranormal phenomena. Still today, the pond is enveloped in profound quietness and looks somewhat spooky.

However, the pond is famous not only for its ghost stories, but also for its ecological environment. Surprisingly, some plants growing in the pond has been surviving ever since the ice age. For example, pretty white flowers called Mitsugashiwa (みつ がしわ, Menyanthes) now blooming in the pond, is one of them. In fact, the plant blooms only in cold regions, but still has survived in the depth of this pond.

With this plant alone, you can tell how profound the history in Kyoto is.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Certificate 1st Grade Holder

Midorogaike, Kyoto city bus

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