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Moon Viewing at Daikakuji Temple

Ever since the old times and even today, Japanese people has been enchanted by the beauty of the moon. Especially, the moon in the mid-autumn is called as Chushu no Meigetu (中秋の名月), and loved by everybody.

The other day, the Chushu no Meigetu viewing event was held at Daikakiji (大覚寺) temple in the Saga (嵯峨) district.

Daikakuji is a high-ranked temple in Japan which has a deep connection with the former Emperor Saga (嵯峨) in the Heian (平安) period. The head priest position of the temple is successively inherited by royal family members.

In the old times, noble people enjoyed the moon viewing from small boats on the Osawano ike (大沢池) pond in the premises. At that time, emperors were considered as the highest people, and supposed not to look up anything above the eye level of their own. So, instead of watching the moon, they enjoyed the beauty of the refelction of the moon on the surface of the pond or in their sake cups. Isn’t it graceful?

The moon viewing at Daikakuji temple reproduces the tranquil scenery of the Heian Dynasty. It’s a wonderful event very unique to Kyoto.

20 mins. on foot from Saga Arashiyama station, JR Saga line
35 mins. on foot from Arashiyama station, Hankyu line
25 mins. on foot from Randen Saga station, Keifuku line

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