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Once in a Lifetime Experience

Rating : ★★★★★
I am one of those people who like to experience new things and try to cram my itinerary with as much unique experiences as possible–and one of them is to do a kimono rental! It was a wonderful experience as there were many outfits to choose from and the polyglot staff were extremely helpful and nice. Since doing a kimono rental warrants pictures, pictures from your phone will not capture the experience well. Yes, it is expensive to hire a photographer, but I think for a once in a lifetime experience, I think it is important to capture you in a kimono in a beautiful scenic background. I had Mr. Taro Makimura as my photographer and he was great! His professional photography experience /expertise was taking pictures of models for magazines…basically he will make YOU look like a mode l in pictures! We selected the Higashiyama+Gion photo plan and it was perfect. I didn’t expect we to take this many pictures, as you walk around. One thing that I also recommend is that we as tourists should also pick the brains of the locals. Me and my girlfriend asked a lot of questions regarding Japanese culture, Kyoto history, and anything that caught out eye during our photoshoot around the beautiful neighborhood. Makimura San answered a ll our questions and taught us many things! His English was also very good. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in a unique experience in an English friendly company. Not only do we have beautiful pictures, but we also have beautiful memories. Thank you to Makimura Sa n and the Yumeyakata staff!

Nicknam : Dave
Your photographer :槇村太郎 TARO MAKIMURA[Photos]
Came to the shop on : 6/30