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Patterns of KIMONO

In Kimono (着物) fashion, there are countless number of patterns. Classy and traditional ones, seasonal ones, ones with flower or animal motifs, and ones with symbols of good fortune. If you are a Kimono lover, you will be so excited just to take a look at those colorful patterns.

YUMEYAKATA offers even more greater lineups to you, ranging from retrospect to modern, classical to pop ones. While you are here, you will forget the time. Please enjoy finding your dream Kimono.

As for my preference, my favorite is Tsubaki (椿, camellia) flower patterns. Some people don’t like Tsubaki because the flower falls all of a sudden and it reminds of beheading somehow…On the other hand, Tsubaki is said to be named after its rich-shining leaves (Tsuya-shining, Ba-leaf, Ki-tree). From ancient times, Tsubaki has been believed to chase evils away. Japanese people love Tsubaki.

YUMEYAKATA offers pretty Tsubaki patterns. It’s also a lovely idea to incorporate Tsubaki patterns in your bag or other items.

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