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Peonies at Kennin-ji Temple

Within the Gion (祇園) district, one of the Hanamachi (花街, districts where Maiko and Geiko reside and work) in Kyoto, there is Kennin-ji (建仁寺) temple, very famous for Fujin Raijin zu Byobu (風神雷神図屏風, a folding screen of Wind God and Thunder God) by Sotatsu TAWARAYA (俵屋宗達), as well as for being the first Zen-sect temple in Japan founded by Eisai Zenji (栄西禅師) in 1202.

Today, around the Hattou (法堂, lecture hall), peony flowers are blooming like a carpet. Peony has been referred to as a king of flowers in Japan, and have a regal presence. The ambiance around the Hattou is usually tranquilly quiet, but now filled with animated elegance of the flowers.

Please dress up in YUMEYAKATA Kimono and visit there to see the flowers.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade



5 min. on foot from Gion, Kyoto city bus

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