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Peonies at Kenninji Temple

Here comes the season of fresh greenery. Did you take some trip during the golden week (early May holiday season in Japan)? I visited Kenninji (建仁寺) temple during the holidays.

The temple was established in 1202 by Eisai Zenji (栄西禅師), and is very famous for its asset of natinal treasure “Fujin Raijin-zu byobu” (風神雷神図屏風, The folding screen of Wind God and Thunder God), the beautiful garden of Karesansui (枯山水, Japanese garden with rocks and dry soil) style, and the Soryuzu (双龍図, the painting of two dragons) on the ceiling of its Hatto (法堂, a hall).

However, the attraction to me was the peony flowers. I was almost mesmerized by the gorgeous and graceful flowers. That was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, watching lovely flowers and fresh greenery at the old Zen (禅) temple.

Akane Kibune

Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

7 mins. on foot from Gion-Shijo station, Keihan line
10 mins. on foot from Kawaramachi station, Hankyu line
5 mins. on foot from Higashiyama-Yasui, Kyoto city bus
7 mins. on foor from Minamiza-mae, Kyoto city bus



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