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Pockets of KIMONO

My bags are big because I usually carry a lot of stuff with me. However, carrying a big bag is not a convenient way if you are wearing Kimono (着物), for it will make you look far from elegant as you should.

Geiko (芸妓) carry their Gassai (がっさい, wallet) wrapped in Kaishi (懐紙, thick paper for tea ceremonies), in-between the layer of their Obi (帯) belt. Their handkerchiefs are in their Tamoto (袂, sleeves). Yes, Kimono has no pocket, yet there still be a plenty of rooms where you can store the things.

When getting on a train, tickets or IC cards can be stored in-between the layer at your chest (see the picture below), so that you don’t have to open/close your bag every time you go through the gate. After I learned this, my problem of carrying a huge bag has vanished.

Having said that, please remember that this is only for casual scenes. For formal occasions, there are suitable Kimono bags and other items. In addition, please note that too many items can make your sleeve look fat and unsophisticated.

Please make sure, there is no train ticket in-between the layer at your chest when you take pictures…

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