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Yasaka Pagoda at Hokan-ji Temple

If you take a walk around the Gion (祇園) or the Kiyomizu (清水) district, you will see the five-storied pagoda called Yasaka no toh (八坂の塔). The pagoda is within the premises of Hokan-ji (法観寺) temple founded by Shotokutaishi (聖徳太子, Prince Shotoku) in the Asuka (飛鳥) period, and had been once destroyed until it was reconstructed in the Muromachi (室町) period. The pagoda survived the fire of the Ohnin War (応仁の乱), and now is also very famous as the location site for the series of Kyoto suspense dramas. It is the the oldest and the most valuable construction in Kyoto, with the height of 46 meters, slightly lower than the tower of Toji (東寺) temple. If you get close and look up, you will realize the value of its history and importance as a construction. It creates a perfect harmony with the scenery of the Higashiyama (東山) mountains. The Yasaka no toh is the home for all Kyoto people' heart.

Anake Kibune

Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade


5 mins. on foot from Kiyomizumichi, Kyoto city bus



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