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Requirements for Kyoto Beauty

I heard that the recent questionnaire about “Kyo Bijin (京美人, beautiful women from Kyoto)” showed the following results.

Q : What is the requirement for Kyo Bijin?
A1: good looking in Kimono
A2: soft and elegant Kyoto accent
A3: graceful manner and behavior

As the results shows, Kimono and Kyo Bijin are inseparable. As for “Kyoto accent” and “Graceful manner and behavior”, YUMEYAKATA offers various lectures such as “Kyoto Language Lesson” and “Classical Japanese Dance Lesson” at our OIKE BETTEI branch.

However, learning overseas culture can not be easy… but here’s a good news!

You can be a Kimono beauty instantly! As you slip into our Kimono, you are standing at the front door to an extraordinary day. Anywhere in Kyoto, the beautiful scenery will welcome beautiful you in Kimono.

If you want more than the way you look, here’s some tips. Walk in shorter stride, and speak slower. These may sound trivial, but the effect is immense. Your impression will be hugely changed in a favorable way.

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