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Rokujizo Meguri, Six Jizo Temple Pilgrimage

In Kyoto, we have many religious events in summer, such as Obon (お盆, a period during which ancestral spirits are returning to their home) and Daimonji (大文字, Sacred bonfire on five mountains in Kyoto, annually conducted on August 16). Those two events represent the August in Kyoto, however, we have a lot more. Kyo-no-Rokujizo Meguri (京の六地蔵めぐり, pilgrimage of six jizo temple) conducted on August 22 and 23 is one of them.

Relatively, Kyoto people strongly believe in Jizo (地蔵, bodhisattva who looks over people). In the Heian (平安) period, Jizo was fervently believed by courtiers and noblemen, and gradually permeated the whole country.

It is said that those who believe in Jizo will be saved from wandering Rokudo (六道, the endless circle of transition among the six states of existence, namely, hell, hunger, brute, anger, human and divine). That belief was gradually developed into the custom of the pilgrimage of six temples.

Tokurin-an (徳林庵) temple, at the Shinomiya (四宮) district in Yamashina (山科) ward, is one of them. The temple is located alongside of the old Tokaido (東海道) Road, and the deity here is Yamashina Jizo bodhisattva (山科地蔵菩薩) whose expression is truly tender and mild. Worshipers are earnestly making their prayers for happiness and healthy life for their family.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

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