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Sachinoi, a Well at Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

If you take some time to explore Kyoto Gyoen, you will come across many sites of historical importance. Among them, a monument which reads “Sachinoi” has an interesting history. It is a well named after the Emperor Meiji (明治天皇).

The current location of Sachinoi well was originally within the premises of the Emperor Meiji’s grandparents’ residence. The Emperor Meiji, whose childhood name was Sachinomiya (祐宮), was born in 1852 as the heir of the Emperor Koumei (孝明). In 1854, when prince Sachinomiya was two years old, Kyoto city fell into severe drought, and as the grandfather of Sachinomiya dug his ground, he discovered a bountiful source of fresh water. The Emperor Koumei was very pleased by the news and named the well as Sachinoi after his beloved son. The well still produces beautiful water and is known as one of three top quality water in Kyoto Gosho.

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