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Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Viewing in Kimono

The cold winter has gone and finally the hint of spring is here in the air. The Sakura (桜, cherry blossom) season is soon be coming.

Since long time ago, Sakura and we Japanese have inseparable connection with each other. It tells us the arrival of spring, and is deeply incorporated in our culture and arts.

The view of Sakura have different faces depending on the location. Since there are many viewing spots in Kyoto, it will be nice to visit several places during your stay. Sometimes, Sakura can be simply beautiful too see, sometimes it can be in everybody’s list to see, and sometimes it can hold a legendary history. Please try to find your favorite Sakura spot.

I also would like to recommend you to try YUMEYAKATA Kimono to enjoy Sakura viewing. We offer a variety of patterns in many different colors. For example, cherry blossom patterns alone, we have so many kinds. It is a great way to self-produce your spring this year!

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