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Sense of Seasons

One of the interesting and challenging aspects of wearing KIMONOs is the sense of seasons. Especially, getting ahead of the season is regarded as sophisticated.

Among various kinds of patterns of KIMONOs, those of flowers slightly ahead of the season are always preferred. Going against the season is not cool at all….

Having said that, cherry blossom patterns are worn all through the year. It’s because cherry blossom is a symbol of all Japanese flowers. Besides, learning the seasons of all flowers is impossible. I guess that will only discourage people’s enthusiasm to wear KIMONOs.

To this effect, patterns are not the only key. For example, pale colors can show a hint of spring, and cool colors imply the arrival of summer. Basically, any pattern can be worn in any month unless it’s not too unsuitable. The important thing is to enjoy.

If you have no idea which KIMONO to choose, please think about symbolic colors and items of the season.

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