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Soda Float with Oiri

If you live in Kyoto, you know where Sai-in (西院) is. It’s the name of the district around the intersection of the Nishioji (西大路) and the Shijo (四条) streets. In the Heian (平安) period, a villa of the emperor was located there, and the name was given because the villa (院) was in the west (西) direction from the Gosho (御所, Imperial Palace). Interestingly, 西院 station of the Hankyuu (阪急) line reads Sai-in, whereas it reads Sai for Keifuku (京福) line.

At the Sai-in area, a booming cafe called NOTTA CAFE is located. Their specialty is “Soda float with Oiri (おいり)” which is totally Instagenic, and it attracts many female customers. I thought I might as well pay a visit.

Oiri is a traditional confectionery in Kagawa (香川) and Ehime (愛媛) prefecture. As you can see in the picture below, it’s just lovely! It is a delicious combination of vanilla ice cream and melon soda topped with pastel colored and crisp Oiri balls. Just like a beverage for princess in a fairy tale.

Oiri: Ball shaped rice crackers in various colors, such as pink, green, white, sky blue, purple, and orange. Mainly used as a gift for participants in wedding receptions.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade



3 mins. on foot from Sai-in station, Hankyo-Kyoto line