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Suwato Embroideries

My mother gave me a set of Kimono (着物) and Obi (帯, belt for kimono) adorned with extremely beautiful Suwato (汕頭) embroideries.

The embroidery was developed in the town called Suwato in China and is listed as the three famous embroideries in the country. In European high society, people love the traditional Suwato handkerchieves since old times. Its timeless and beautiful design still keeps enchanting people’s heart all over the world. Due to the time-consuming process of the craft, Suwato products are usually very expensive.

In Suwato town, girls grow up watching their mothers working with needles, and become engaged in jobs associated with embroidery. The techniques and patterns are inherited from mother to daughter of each family. The Kimono culture in Japan also has incorporated Suwato as adornment, for example, for Kuro-tomesode (黒留袖, black formal Kimono for married female).

I would like to treasure my “precious piece of art” given by my mother, until the day I pass it down to my daughter.

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