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Taiyaki, fish-shaped pancake, at Amairo

I love sweets, especially Wagashi (和菓子, Japanese confectionary). Lately I have realized the delicious taste of Anko (あんこ, sweet bean paste) which is very healthy. Wagashi taste good because they are often simpler than Western cakes in terms of ingredients, so that the tastes are required to be really good, and the shapes are to be really pretty.

By the way, when I visit cafes or sweets shops, I value the ambience of the shop very much.

The cafe called “Amairo” is located at the center of Kyoto, and offers visitors a quiet and relaxing time. At the end of back alley, the Machiya (町家, traditional Kyoto style house) style cafe is producing a mysterious yet sophisticated space. The other day, I had a “Manmaru Taiyaki (まん丸いたい焼き, circle-fish-shaped pancake) and it was so good. The shape was cute and it went very well with the cafe’s selected coffee.

In Kyoto, there are many Wagashi shops and people have strong preference to Wagashi. In addition, the consumption of coffee is the top among other prefectures. I think this cafe is perfect. To my delight, they have variations of custard cream Taiyaki aside from the regular Anko.

I loved my afternoon chilling out at the cafe with pretty Taiyaki and coffee.


Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

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