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The lanterns of Uradeyama (Gion Festival Float)

This year, Tsuyu (梅雨, the rainy season) was over pretty quickly, so, now the Gion Festival is going on under the blue sky!

Last night, I saw Uradetyama (占出山, a float of the Gion festival) with its lanterns lit. The float expresses the Empress Jingu (神功皇后) predicting the victory of upcoming war by fishing Ayu (鮎) fish. The Kanji (漢字) character 鮎 is also originated from this legendary story. As you can see, the kanji includes the parts 魚 (fish) and 占 (fortune telling).

As the Empress Jingu is the Goddess of safe delivery, many people who are expecting go to Uradeyama float to get a good luck charms and maternity belts.

The float lanterns are lit when the night falls, giving the scene a more festive atmosphere. Please get dressed in Yukata at Yumeyakata and walk around in the romantic town of Kyoto in the middle of Gion Festival.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

About Uradeyama: http://www.gionmatsuri.or.jp/yamahoko/uradeyama.html
Location: Shimogyo-ku, east of the crossing between Nishikikoji St. and Muromachi St.