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The Scottish Sun came to Yumeyakata!

Lynn Kernan, reporter for The Scottish Sun, and her husband Ryan, chose Yumeyakata for their Wedding outdoor photoshoot!
They had this experience as part of Ms. Kernan’s research about places to go and activities to try in Japan as part of a honeymoon trip!

Ms. Kernan chose a red Iro-uchikake featuring floats from Heian period, and cranes, symbol of luck and long life in Japan. Her husband Ryan went for a black Montsuki Hakama.

The photoshoot took place in Gion, famous for its old tea houses and restaurants, near Tatsumibashi bridge.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:
“The next day we were booked in for a wedding photoshoot — with a difference.

The friendly and amazing staff at Kyoto’s Yumeyakata (en-kyoto.yumeyakata.com) kitted us out in traditional marriage outfits.

My new hubby wore a very cool black hakama, complete with a Samurai sword, and I was in a stunning red Iro-uchikake, the style worn by a Samurai’s wife.

My hair and make-up were also expertly done.

We were taken out in Gion, an area with traditional tea houses where Geisha still work, for our pictures.

We didn’t get proper posed pics for our actual wedding so this was a real treat-strutting round the stunning streets in traditional attire. 

The snaps were a fantastic memento of this experience of a lifetime

Do try a kimono photoshoot at Yumeyakata.”

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