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The Star Festival Event in Kyoto

It’s been very hot, but this is a part of living in Kyoto. Especially until Daimonji (大文字, gigantic bonfire on five mountains) ends, such severe weather is just a common practice for us Kyoto residents.

The “Kyo-no-Tanabata (京の七夕, the Star festival in Kyoto)” is a very popular event in Kyoto in summer, and this year, it welcomes its 10th anniversary. During the period, many fun events based on the Tanabata (七夕) legend and many Japanese traditional cultures are conducted in the areas all over in Kyoto.

In the Horikawa (堀川) and the Kitano Kamiya Kawa (北野紙屋川) areas, both close to YUMEYAKATA, beautiful light-up events will please many visitors eyes. We YUMEYAKATA offer privileges for participants of the event when renting Yukata (浴衣). Please enjoy your wonderful summer night in our pretty Yukata.

Event period:

August 1-15

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