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Tree of Love at Nashinoki Jinja Shrine

Nashinoki jinja (梨木神社) Shrine, located close to Kyoto Gosho (京都御所, Kyoto Imperial Palace), enshrines Sanjo Sanetsumu (三条実萬) and his son, Sanetomi (実美), both highly contributed to Meiji Ishin (明治維新, Meiji Restoration), and is said to be responsive to prayers for relationships. On the premises, there is a sacred Katsura (桂, Cinnamomum cassia) tree which has very pretty heart-shaped leaves.

The shrine is relatively not crowded expect during the Hagi (萩, bush clover) season. The Somei-no-ido (染井の井戸) well on the premises is listed as one of the three great wells of Kyoto, and produces quality water called Somei-no-Mizu (染井の水).

Visiting other super-renowned “matchmaker” shrines is nice, however, visiting this quiet shrine and dedicate a heart-shaped Ema (絵馬, votive wooden plate) can be a great way to spend afternoon in Kyoto. Please make a wish for your loved one in all your sincerity and touch the tree of love.



Akane Kibune,
Kyoto Expert Certificate 1st Grade

3 mins. from Furitsu-Idai-Byoin-Mae, Kyoto City bus

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