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We appeared on the blog of the famous Taiwanese blogger Umeko!

The famous Taiwanese blogger Umeko wrote on her blog about her kimono and traditional wedding dress experience at Yumeyakata !

>> Her article is available here: http://baomei.tw/yumeyakata/

Umeko and her husband from Germany went onto the standard kimono plan and the wedding photoshoot plan on April 16th and 17th.

Here are some pictures of these experiences as well as Umeko’s feedback♪

Kimono experience under the sakura trees♪

Umeko’s feedback:

I like the traditional and nostalgic atmosphere of Kyoto.

It was the first time we both got a kimono experience.

Yumeyakata’s staff counts a lot of Chinese speakers, so I wasn’t worried at all about communication.

My friends recommended me Yumeyakata, as it has a lot of cute kimono patterns.

Yumeyakata offers not only kimono rental service, but also hairstyling and makeup service.

I got a lot of compliments for the hairstyle the stylist did on me that day! ^^

By the way, they also have an official Tourist Information Center!

I chose a blue kimono to go with the image of Kyoto in spring, and with the city as a background to our pictures, it was a really special memory for us.

■Kimono rental plan : https://www.en-kyoto.yumeyakata.com/kimono

■The kimono worn by Umeko : http://kyoto-yumeyakata.com/original-kimono-yukata/?id=272

An forgettable wedding photoshoot♡

Umeko’s feedback:

This time I went to Kyoto not only for the standard kimono experience,

but also for the traditional wedding dress photoshoot!

The wedding plan offered by Yumeyakata is very convenient.

All the needed services (dressing, hairstyling, makeup, photoshoot) are included,

so it is very recommended for people wanting an outdoor wedding photoshoot

without worrying about the language!

Yumeyakata’s staff and professional dressers have a lot of experience,

so when I needed to choose my Iro-uchikake, they gave me a lot of advice.

Moreover, an assistant came with us during the photoshoot to make sure our outfits looked good at all times.

The photoshoot was held in Tofukuji, and though this place is very well known

for its red maple trees (momiji) in autumn, it is still very beautiful in spring.

Our photographer was Lin, from Taiwan.

I was happy we could speak the same language, and I really liked the pictures she took!

Back home, when my husband and I were looking at those pictures,

he decided to print out one of them to display it in the house.

We are so happy we had this experience!♡

■ Wedding Location Plan: https://www.en-kyoto.yumeyakata.com/wedding-location-photo-plan
■ Wedding Dress Catalog: https://www.en-kyoto.yumeyakata.com/wedding-dress-catalog
■ Wedding Location Photo Gallery: http://lpgallery.kyoto-yumeyakata.com/?cid=23

[Umeko’s FB post about her experience at Yumeyakata]