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Weeping Cherry Blossom at Jonangu Shrine

When people build a house in Kyoto, they say it’s a must to visit Jonangu (城南宮) Shrine to pray for a good luck.

Jonangu, constructed at the time of creation of Heiankyo (平安京, old capital of Japan), is one of the high ranked shrines in Japan and famous for its benefit of warding off misfortunes.

Once flourished as a villa of a retired emperor, enjoying the gorgeous and elegant culture of Heian dynasty, today the shrine is also known for beautiful flowers of four seasons in the premises. Currently, 150 weeping cherry trees are blooming, telling us the arrival of spring.

Now the plum flowers are almost over, and Kyoto will be more and more filled with the festive atmosphere of spring.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

3 mins. on foot from Jonangu HIgashiguchi, kyoto City bus



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