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Wisteria Flowers in Sagano

From the old times of the Heian (平安) period, the Sagano (嵯峨野) district has been famous for its scenic beauty. The emperors and noblemen at the time often visited this land to compose Tanka (短歌) poems, admire the moon, and exchange good times of drinking.

Still today, its beauty hasn’t changed and I love to take a walk around there. The fresh air and the terrific scenery always makes me feel anew.

The other day, I found wisteria flowers blooming. Because of it’s classical purple color and the graceful shape, wisteria is regarded as the symbol of elegance in Japan. We normally have this flower a few month later, and I was deeply impressed by the view of this magnificent elegance. The flowers reminded me of a elegant lady and made me wishing to be more sophisticated. I need to brush up my own beauty too!

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

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