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Yukata for Going Out

In August, many firework displays and summer events are conducted all over in Japan. It’s really nice to enjoy the cool of the evening in a festive atmosphere. In Kyoto, “Kyo no Tanabata (京の七夕)” event is now being held at five venues.

As for the outfit for those events, Yukata (浴衣) is very popular. However, sometimes people find it difficult to decide what to wear because Yukata can be too casual depending on the occasion, while Kimono (着物) is too formal… Well, if you are wondering that way, what about wearing Yukata in a summer Kimono manner?

Essentially, Yukata is worn directly on the skin, but with Jyuban (襦袢, inner layer for Kimono) and Otaiko obi (お太鼓帯, square type obi for formal occasion), the formal look will be added to your Yukata style. In that case, please avoid Geta (下駄, wooden clogs) which is very casual, and instead, wear Zouri (草履, Japanese sandals) and Tabi (足袋, Japanese socks). It will be a perfect outfit for going out in summer. The variation of Yukata is countless, in terms of patterns and colors. On top of everything, it’s usually very reasonable.

This summer, why don’t you challenge the one-rank up Yukata style using Kimono accessories?

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