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Yumeyakata appeared on NHK’s “Cool Japan” program!

On March 19th, Yumeyakata appeared in NHK’s “Cool Japan” program!

“Cool Japan” is a popular program where foreigners and panelists discuss specific topics and decide which of the introduced places and activities is the coolest.

The program topic on that day was “Charms of Kyoto Chosen by Foreigners”.

Since renting a kimono and strolling around is a very popular activity in Kyoto, the program focused on customers renting kimono at Yumeyakata.

In Yumeyakata, we welcome customers from many different countries every day( ^^ )

The multilingual service ensured by the foreign staff is one of the reasons why Yumeyakata is so popular among foreign customers.

Pop, modern, classical… Over 200 different styles of designs are available at all time in the shop.

A good point: all kimonos can be rented at the same price, no matter the design you choose ♪

We provide kimonos for women of course, but also for men and children, so the shop is totally family-friendly (^o^)♪

After choosing the kimono comes the dressing-up time!

We are known for dressing our customers in a traditional and painless way♪ You can have fun looking at your transformation in front of the mirror !