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Yumeyakata Oike Bettei, Vintage Kimono Plan

Behind the manga museum is our second Yumeyakata Oike Bettei shop.

Unlike the Gojo store, our head office, the atmosphere of the renovated Oike shop of a Kyomachiya is zen and relaxing!
A stock of high quality clothing adapted to this special space is offered.

Now you can enjoy a vintage and refined kimono plan, the Vintage plan (Otona in Japanese, which means adult).

It’s a sober dress with a refined Obi. It’s a recommended plan to have the image of a sober and adult female model.

Pack content:
■ Poly Small Crest 7,000 yen

■ Tsumugi silk 10,000 yen

■ Wear silk Homongi for 18,000 yen Oike Bettei shop special price of 15,000 yen!

Details: https://www.en-kyotooike.yumeyakata.com/

We also have cute kimonos available in both Gojo and Oike Bettei stores here!

For a traditional experience in Japan, this unique place!

We are waiting for your coming ♪ ♪

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