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Yumeyakata was introduced in popular № 1 news site”Zing.vc” in Vietnam!

Yumeyakata Oike bettei was introduced in a travel topic of popular № 1 news site “Zing.vc” in Vietnam! From choosing a kimono at the Oike Bettei, dressing, hair set, indoor shooting at Oike Bettei to location photography at Gion, all the flow is introduced.
Here is the article → Introduction of Yumeyakata (It jumps to the Vietnamese site)

This beautiful lady in red furisode is Ms.Tien(Tiên) who is Vietnamese.
Now, she is a 3rd year student at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU). Among the Vietnamese living in Japan, the number of followers of her Facebook and Instagram are both No. 1! She is a popular blogger and also a Instagramer.

Ms.Tien(Tiên) also introduces the experience in Yumeyakata in her Facebook and Instagram.

Ms.Tien(Tiên) Facebook

Ms.Tien(Tiên) Instagram