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Kyoto Kimono Rental・Yukata/Location Photo/Group OK




Yumeyakata’s customers are on TV!!!!!!!

A pair of couple from Singapore is interviewed by May J in a travel TV program called “Wanna go far”(遠く行きたい) while doing the pose of “Kabe-Don”(壁ドン). They were wearing our premium furisode and montsuki-hakama and shooting at Gion. The customer said wearing a Kimono is like a emperor,may be a king.

If you also want to wearing a gorgeous furisode and shooting at Kyoto, see more details in our website.

Premium Plan: http://www.en-kyoto.yumeyakata.com/premium-kimono

Location Photo: http://www.en-kyoto.yumeyakata.com/location-photography

TV Program “May J Explore the ancient city Kyoto that the world loves, Gion~Ouhara” (May J の世界が愛する古都めぐり、京都 祇園~大原) published by YOMIURI Telecasting Corporation’s popular TV Program “Wanna go far”(遠く行きたい) on 4 Dec 2016