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A Cherry Tree at Joshokoji Temple

The charm of cherry blossoms is sometimes mysterious. It makes us happy, brings us excitment, and sometimes enchants our hearts. I have seen many cherry blossoms at various sites in Kyoto this year, and among them, the one at the Joshokoji (常照皇寺) temple in the Keihoku (京北) district was mesmerized me the most.

The cherry tree is known as Okuruma-gaeshi-no-Sakura (御車返しの桜, a cherry tree which makes your vehicle to turn back). The name is originated from the story: when the Emperor Gomizunoh (後水尾天皇) visited this place and saw the cherry tree blooming, the emperor was truly enchanted by the beauty and couldn’t leave the tree. Every time he tried to leave, he had to turn back his carriage.

The tree bears two different shapes of blossoms at a time: 1) single layered, and 2) multi-fold layered. The view of such a gorgeous flowers being swung in winds captivates everybody’s heart.

Akane Kibune,
Kyoto Expert Certification


Take JR bus Takao-Keihoku line fro JR Kyoto station

>one and half hour ride>Get off at Shuzan

>Switch to Keihoku Furusato bus Yamaguni Homen line

>Get off at Yamaguni Goryo-mae

>7 mins. on foot

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