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Antique KIMONO

In Kyoto, you’ll often come across antique Kimono (着物) stores in town. Antique Kimono has been very popular in Japan since long time ago, and lately the definition of the term “antique” has been broadened along with the “casual Kimono” boom in these years.

Antique Kimono are the ones manufactured before the early Showa (昭和) era, and their designs and patterns featuring Taisho (大正)/Showa Romanesque taste has been drawing a lot of attention of Kimono lovers. Old Kimono after WWⅡ are called “recycled Kimono”, and considered as different from the antiques.

One of the features of antique Kimono is its liner called Momi (紅絹, red silk). In the old days, red color was believed to protect women’s body from being cold. Recycled Kimono has a liner too, but they are made of pale colored silk or cotton.

Women in that era were short in general, so the size of existing antique Kimono are usually small. I am also relatively short, but the sleeves are still too short to me. It’s so pity that every time I find a charming antique Kimono, I always have to give it up because they are too small!

With that reason, rental Kimono with antique patterns are gaining popularity. YUMEYAKATA offers rich varieties of choices of retro patterned Kimono in modern sizes. It’s very handy!

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