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Assorted Shumai at Kusunoki Ramen House

Among the world cuisine, such as Japanese, Chinese, and French, my favorite is Chinese. Especially, I like Shumai (焼売, steamed dumplings wrapped in thin pastry) very much.

Little apart from the city, Ramen (ラーメン) restaurant KUSUNOKI (楠) is located near the Higashi-muko (東向日) station, Hankyu (阪急) line. Though the restaurant has just opened a couple of month ago, they serves excellent dishes. My favorite is the assorted Shumai. It’s fun to enjoy four different kinds at a time, and the fillings are very juicy. Besides, the ramen they serve are delicious! I like the simple taste of Shio-ramen (塩拉麺, salt taste), and the rich taste of Tokuno Goma Hakumen (特濃胡麻白麺, extra strong sesame taste). It worth trying!

Akane Kibune

Higashi muko station, Hankyu line



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