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Collaboration with Taiwanese Major Travel Magazine “Japan Walker”

YUMEYAKATA offered costumes to the Taiwanese and the Hongkongese editions of “Walker”, a Japanese major travel magazine! Our Kimono (着物) appears on page 44-45 of Taiwanese “Japan Walker”, and page 64-65 of Hongkongese “Hongkong Walker”, both in a special article on “Maccha (抹茶, green tea) Sweets in the Uji (宇治) Area”.

Around JR Uji station, there are many cafes and confectioneries where you can try many kinds of Japanese sweets, such as parfaits, jellos, crepes, tiramisu, and fondues…all in Maccha taste! Sounds so delicious, isn’t it? Please try these sweets after visiting the World Heritage site of Byodo-in Houoh-doh (平等院鳳凰堂). It’s the standard course of Uji visit!!

It’s a 17-18 minutes ride from JR Kyoto to JR Uji station. Please come to us and find the perfect outfit for your wonderful sightseeing in Uji (^O^)/

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