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Domestic Duties in Kimono

Here’s a funny story about Tasukigake (たすき掛け, tucking up the sleeves of a kimono with a tasuki string).

I was speaking about Tasukigake as in tucking up Kimono sleeves so as not to stain the sleeves, whereas my friend was referring to it as a method of factorization of math. For we don’t wear Kimono as daily outfit anymore today, let alone do domestic duties in it, no wonder my friend had no idea what I was speaking about.

When I was a child, I was very proud of the quick and sophisticated manner of my mother and grandmother making Tasukigake on their back and made dinner for us. When I helped them, they tied my Kimono sleeves to my arms with short strings, however, I was always dreaming of Tasukigake on my back just like them.

So, the other day I tired it, and to my surprise, I remembered how to do it. I often use Kappougi (割烹着, chief’s coat) when I cook but I might as well try Tasukigake from now on.

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