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Flowers at Historical Sites

Spring in Kyoto becomes even more attractive with many kinds of flowers. Everybody starts to speak about Ohanami (お花見, cherry blossom viewing). It is truly a nice season.

A term Ohamani usually refers to cherry blossom viewing, however, I myself enjoy watching many other kinds of flowers at places with historical importance.

Tsubaki (椿, Camellia) flowers have beautiful petals, and is traditionally appreciated in tea ceremonies. Some people say it’s more beautiful when it has fallen on the mossy ground than while it is still on the tree.

White Mokuren (木蓮, magnolias) under the blue sky are so refreshing to my eyes. The pink almond flower is so pretty and it is often confused with cherry blossoms. Visiting historical sites and viewing flowers provides me with indispenseble moment to keep the peace of mind.

Akane Kibune
Kyoto Expert Certification 1st Grade

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