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Gloria, famous blogger from Hong Kong, talked about us on her blog!

Gloria, famous blogger from Hong Kong, wrote a blog article about her Premium Kimono and Location Photo experience at Yumeyakata !
≫The article is available here: http://wow.esdlife.com/space.php?uid=68609&do=blog&id=347079

Gloria and her husband came on April 7th to Yumeyakata to get dressed in Furisode and Montsuki Hakama.

They also chose a Location Photo Plan for their honeymoon pictures.

Here are some pictures as well as Gloria’s feedback about this experience ☆

A surprising photoshoot in kimono!

Gloria’s feedback:

I didn’t have much interest for a kimono photoshoot at first,
but in the end I’m very glad I booked it with Yumeyakata !

When choosing my Furisode, Taiwanese staff helped me a lot,
so there was no problem of communication due to the language.

For the photoshoot, the staff recommended the Shosei-en Garden, quite close to the shop.

I chose Luo as the photographer, as when I browsed his work on the shop’s website,

I knew I needed to book him for the photoshoot!

I highly recommend Yumeyakata, that counts Chinese-speaking staff,

and is close to the train station.

■Premium Kimonos: https://www.en-kyoto.yumeyakata.com/premium-kimono

■Location Photo Plan: https://www.en-kyoto.yumeyakata.com/location-photography

■Location Photo Gallery: http://lpgallery.kyoto-yumeyakata.com/