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Good Luck Charm of Yokihi Kannon

What is the women’s eternal wishes? The answer is BEAUTY.

Young girls’ wishes for beauty are intense because they have to find their partners. However, it is all the same for mature women. I don’t care for boys anymore, but still want to keep my beauty and hope the age wouldn’t try to catch me.

For those who crave for beauty, I would like to recommend visiting Mitera Sennyu-ji (御寺泉涌寺) temple and get a good luck charm for beauty called Yokihi-Kannon no Omamori (楊貴妃観音の御守り).

Yokihi-Kannon (楊貴妃観音) is a statue made of precious aromatic wood, created by the order of Emperor Xuan Zong (玄宗皇帝) of the Tang dynasty of China (唐), to the memory of his beloved empress Yokihi (楊貴妃). As you can see in the picture below, her expression is so graceful. After making a sincere prayer for Yokihi Kannon, please do not forget to get this amulet.

Yumeyakata offers a “Location Photo plan” which includes a visit to Sennyu-ji temple in the course. If interested, please click the URL below for more details.

Kyoto Location Photo Plan:

Sennyu-ji Package: 22,000 yen or more


Booking form:


Time required:
Approx. Two hours

9:00 am or 1:00 pm

*During the Seasons of cherry blossom and autumn foliage, 10% extra fee is added.
*KIMONO rental fee is required.

​Mitra Sennyu-ji URL:

15 min on foot from Sennyu-ji michi, Kyoto city bus
20 min on foot from Tofukuji station, JR Nara line

Akane Kibune

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