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KARAMON Gate of Nijo Castle vol.2

This time, I would like to go into more details about Karamon (唐門) gate of Nijo castle (二条城).

I love watching ”gates”, and for me this gate is not just to pass through. If you visit Nijo castle, please take a close look at the gate and you will be blown away by the magnificence of its carvings.

Carvings of cranes which are as if taking off to the sky at any moment. Tigers and dragons with ferocious but humorous expressions. Beautiful blue butterflies happily flying over the bed of peony flowers.

As described above, Karamon gate is just like an animal paradise. Every time I stand under this gate, I get stunned by the deep understandings of the sculptor to capture such a wondrous nature.

Karamon is located within the walking distance from YUMEYAKATA OIKE Bettei (夢館御池別邸).

Nijo Castle (Officail name: MOTO RIKYU NIJO JO) URL:

7 mins. on foot from “NIJO JO EKI MAE” station, TOZAI line of subway
5 mins. on foot from “NIJO JO MAE”, Kyoto city bus


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