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Kimono and makeup

I often get asked whether my everyday makeup and my kimono makeup are different or not.

For my part, as I always just put a little red on my lips, I might well be wearing the same makeup no matter the clothes…

When I see maikos and geikos doing their makeup, they have such a porcelain skin that the eyebrows and lips stand out even more.

It is often said that as today’s kimonos are so colorful and vibrant, if you just go with the natural makeup look, it wouldn’t be well balanced with such gorgeous outfits.

As for maikos and geikos, in their everyday outifts, they rarely put any color on their faces.

If they do, it would be only a very light beige eyeshadow.

When they do their work makeup, they put some light red on their cheeks and eyelids for a softer look on their white-painted faces.

I always define my eyebrows and my lips, and even though I stay away from bright colors, it still gives me a neat makeup look.

I indeed think that a clear skin is more important than makeup, so I spend more time on skincare.

Usually black hair and clear skin is the definition of oriental beauty.

But it is interesting to challenge yourself to a different makeup when wearing a kimono for an even more special look.

“Do you know?”, blog by Beniko, a former maiko