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KIMONO for Mature Ladies

Lately, Kimono (着物) with simple patterns are gaining popularity.

Every time I come across ladies in elegant and mature-look Kimono, I find myself lost in admiration. Especially when I happen to see nice combination with lovely accessories, I try to learn the idea….

The other day, I saw a lady in chic Tsumugi (紬, pongee) Kimono, holding a brown canvas bag with vivid orange colored handle. The fabric of the bag looked like a Kakishibu-zome (柿渋染め, persimmon tannin dye). Since canvas bags are relatively unconventional for Kimono, it was refreshing to my eyes.

The good things about canvas bags are its capacity and diversity. A small canvas bag can contain large amount of stuff. In addition, the color variations are limitless.

Since Tsumugi is a casual kind of Kimono with almost no dress code required, it’s nice to try such a bold fashion sometimes. As I watched the lady walking away, I felt so glad to be able to see such a nice idea!

In YUMEYAKATA Oike Bettei, we have many varieties of Kimono for mature ladies. Please come visit us and be a part of the beautiful scenery of Kyoto.

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